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5th Anniversary Full House! Coach David Rivas Wins Open. HK Youth U14 Champion, Shenzhen Youth U14 2

With 73 participants, 38 coming from Shenzhen, our new training centre at Jervois Street in Sheung Wan was packed to the fullest for our 5-year Anniversary event on Sunday 17 December. Trying to accommodate as many players as possible, also on the waiting list, we reshuffled the lay-out several times, bought additional chairs and tables, new clocks and had coach Alberto give away his spot as player and join David GN in the arbiters team. It was all worth it - see below impression of the day.

The 15m/0s Rapid was played over 7 rounds in a non-FIDE rated and in a rather more festive fashion, interrupted only by 5 huge pizzas for lunch. We saw some intense games on the top boards and lots of pleasure in playing on the lower boards.

All players, youth and adult, played for the Open title and prizes. In addition we counted and added up all points of the 13 Hong Kong and 13 Shenzhen Youth U8, in U10 we counted all 7 Hong Kong players' points and the top 7 of Shenzhen players. As Shenzhen youth only had one participant in U12 and U14 we counted their points and only the top 1 players of HK in those age categories.

As per above table: HK youth won in all age categories! In U10 and U14 the scores were close but the difference in U8 guaranteed the Champion Title for Hong Kong - and the Champion Trophy to stay at Caissa while the Runner Up Prize went to Shenzhen.

In the the Open we had prizes, trophies and cash, for the top 5. Our Caissa student Scott was, with 5.5 points, best U14 and also 5th place in the Open. Tushar, Andrew and Hui, from Macao, ended with 6 points and on tie-break got 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively. Champion with 7 out of 7 was coach David Rivas!

In U14, because Scott got an Open prize, Wing Ki got first prize and Caissa's EGTP student Ronald 2nd prize.

In U12, Gerent impressed with 5.5 points and got first prize. Caissa's other EGTP student Miguel Angel, losing an unfortunate crucial game in the last round, got 2nd prize.

The U10 winner on tie-break was 薛奥翔 (Xue Aoxiang) from Shenzhen with 5 points, same as Wang Qihan who ended 2nd. Caissa's EGTP student Ahaan with 4.5 points ended 3rd and 施锦琛 (Shi Jingchen) from Shenzhen with 4 points got 4th prize.

The U8 category Oliver and Matthew scored an impressive 5 points but on tie-break EGTP's Oliver

got 1st prize and Matthew 2nd prize. Caissa students Marcus and Channing got 3rd and 4th prize with 4.5 and 4 points respectively.

With no Hong Kong U6 plaeyrs all two U6 prizes went to Shenzhen players 郭董泽濡 (Guodong Zeru) with 3 points and 张嘉皓 (Zhang Jiahao) with 2 points.

Congratulations and thanks to all participants, from Shenzhen and especially coach Huang, and Hong Kong, for having participated in our 5 Year Anniversary event and having created a very nice atmosphere.

Merry Christmas, best wishes for 2018 and see you back then!

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