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Tushar Anand Wins Caissa Autumn Open - again?!

Last Sunday, 18 November, the 7th and last round of the FIDE rated Standard chess Caissa 5th Autumn Open was played. Going into the 7th round, in the Open group Ozbek led with 5 points out of 6 games, followed by Tushar, Edgar, Aradhy and David all with 4 points. Anything could thus still happen when it came to the Champion Title and other prizes.

Playing for a prize Edgar and Aradhya had a tense game which ended in a draw, both players thus ending with 4.5 points. Because Tushar won and David beat Ozbek, all these three players ended with 5 points. On tie-break Tushar was Champion again, followed by Ozbek and David with 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

APOLOGIES ... all photos of the prize giving are untraceable ... some action photo here. Also of the training match between Marcos and Matthew, which ended in 1-1.

In U16 Gerent, who missed 3 games (!!!) ended 1st with 4 points, followed by Nathan and Kevin both with 3 points.

In U12 the prize winners were Zeth (4 points), Samach (3.5 points) and Mahir (3 points) who had played only 5 games.

In U8, finally, the top 3 players all ended with 3 points and on tie-break the Champion prize went to Samuel, followed by Channing and Gabriel with 2nd and 3rd prize.

That leaves us at the CGP 2018-19 ranking after three events as follows:

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