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Autumn 2019 EOM End Results

The last EOM of the Autumn 2019 cycle was attended by 24 players. A decisive round as today's results would be added to the previous two EOMs to declare who would be the overall winners of this cycle divided over 4 groups.

The results of the day are in below cross-table.


Group A: by undefeated winning the November leg Henry's showed that he didn't become champion by merely attending all legs, this term he was simply strongest player.


Group B: despite his absence in October, Aydan's strong performance in September helped him secure this term's first place.


Group C: the top 3 in this group were extremely close but Kainos's draw in round 3 in the November leg was enough to keep him 0.5 points ahead of 2nd place.


Group D: girl power in this group with Anaisha 2 points loose from number 2 and Anish who missed the October leg strong on 3rd place.

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