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Caissa Arena Largest Online Chess Event in Hong Kong: Alberto Muniz 1st Place among 60 Players

After having switched most of our classroom classes to online classes we organised our first online event. With most people rightly so reluctant to meet others in confined spaces, with an online event we tried to make the most out of the Corona virus situation.

Our event of 10 minutes and 5 seconds increment attracted 60 players, among whom our students, friends, competitors - one big group of people who love to play chess, casual play this time, like in a club would happen. Keeping waiting time to the minimum, pairing was based on whomever would be available with a result close enough to your own. No fixed amount of rounds, just play full force, as many or as little as you like, during the two hours our arena was open.

Needless to say that even in a casual chess club environment there is ample opportunity for several good games. And we had some very nice encounters. The entire tournament and all games can be found here.

Hero of the day was coach Alberto Muniz. Congrats Alberto! The last minute entries you had to manage did not impact your chess performance win rate of 91%!

We are planning more of such event as well as more serious tournaments about which we will update you soon.

For now, we wish our EGTP students success in the online tournament organised by a Shanghai chess club in our network this Sunday. Good luck and Go Caissa HK! Stay tuned for our upcoming report on the Caissa student performance...


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