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Caissa "Go Global Team Arena" Attracts 100 players! Congrats to Winner Red Knight Chess Club Bangkok

On Sunday 4pm Hong Kong time, 3pm Bangkok time, 10am Spain and Serbia time, 11am Israel time 6 teams battled it out in the Caissa Arena.

Throughout two hours all teams seemed to switch ranking places every few minutes each time results of players came out. In this event players would not be paired against own team members - a very good opportunity to meet fresh opponents and defend your own club's colors!

Teams moved dynamically from 1st to 3rd and from 5th to 2nd place and the excitement remained for the longest time until slowly towards the last 15 minutes it became clear that Red Knight Chess Club Bangkok moved out of reach into 1st place with a total of 190 points. Their top players SMARTfaris alone scored 36 points (well done!) whereas all the top players in the other teams scored 26-28 points. Here you can see the report in their website

On the second place with 174 points ended the First Serbian Chess Federation followed by Jeruchess in Jerusalem with 168 points.

Very close with 166 points we, Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club (yeah!), conquered 4th place followed by Marlaxka Xake from Spain with 159 points. Turn on your Google translate or brush up your Spanish if you want to read their friendly report.

The 6th place finally belonged to TCA - ActiveKids, also from Hong Kong.

All games, standings, rankings etc., can all be found here on the tournament page on lichess.

There were no prizes. The event was purely driven on the positive energy of the players (we had Caissa player joining from Finland!). Many thanks to the coaches who assembled the teams and made this a cooperative effort as we had not yet seen in Hong Kong.

Thank you also coaches Alberto, Marcos and Matthew for your live commentaries on our Caissa twitch movie channel.

We will be looking forward to the next edition!


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