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Niilo Nissinen Grabs First Prize ... Twice

After the various online events we organized in the last couple of months on 1 November we finally had a normal over-the-board chess tournament. With COVID 19 largely under control, but with strict restrictions still in place we celebrated the start of season with a relatively small group. Although it was an open event we encouraged our own students to join first and they did extremely well with our EGTP (Elite Group Training Program) students grossing top spots.

Niilo and Boris both had 6 points, their personal encounter had ended in a draw and they also drew against the same opponent, Li Shing Hei - as a result first place was decided by the 3rd tie-break only.

Well done boys!

Because we hadn't had over-the-board events since end of 2019 we took the opportunity on this event to also hand out some trophies related to the online Summer League we had organized earlier - which was also won by Niilo. Very strong performance Niilo, keep it up!


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