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Nilo Came, Saw and Conquered Top Spot in Summer Moves Grand Prix

Discovery Bay Sunday 22 August: sunny blue skies outside but thunder and lightning on the boards in our 3rd and 4th Grand Prix tournaments in the Caissa Summer Moves series.

We started off with an 18 player FIDE rated blitz, 5m+3s, played over 7 rounds. Christopher and Trevor sprinted towards 3 wins in a row and a draw against each other in round 4. But both players lost some steam as the event progressed whereas other players picked up the pace of grossing points. Finally Christopher managed to still end in the Top 3 on 2nd place, but the Champion trophy went to Nilo and 3rd place to Boris. Trophies for best U8, U10 and U12 went to Brayden, Marvin and Advay, the giant killer who beat Christopher in the last round.

Final Cross Table Blitz after 7 Rounds

Impression of the Event and all Prize Winners

The Blitz event distributed 10, 7, 5, 2, 1 Grand Prix points to the top 5 players. Boris broke into shared 1st place and Nilo stormed in the top 3 with 10 points in one go.

After only 45 minutes break, again 18 players played the 4th Grand Prix event, a FIDE Rated Rapid, 15m+3s, over 5 rounds. Nilo again claimed top spot, allowing only one draw against Christopher in round 2 and winning the decisive game against Boris in the last round. Edgar and Advay, scored 4 wins in a row after their first round loss and thus ended 2nd and 3rd place.

Best U8 prize went to Anaisha, Best U10 to Marvin (again!) and Best U12 this time to Boris.

Final Cross Table after 5 Rounds Rapid

As the pool of Grand Prix points in Rapid events is larger than the blitz pools, Nilo nestled himself in top spot position by collecting 16 points. Note that the BEST 4 RESULTS will count, so if you didn't do as well as thought you could, you have chances ahead to gain GP points in other events! Particularly the Zetland Hall Start of Season is a MUST ATTEND event, not only because of its exclusivity and unique location, lunch and drinks included: the event also has a pool of 95 GP points!!! 25 GP points for the winner, 20 points for 2nd place and so on. Check it out in the registration page.

Grand Prix Ranking after 4 Events

Rapid Event and Prize Winners


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